Live-Blog first day SEMI-FINAL: SHURE Montreux Jazz Voice Competition – July 11th 2014

Ready to start the 12th voice competition: There are 9 participants in the Semi Final, everybody performs 2 pieces – one choice out of 10 famous Jazz Standards, one personal choice. There were 100 people applying to play here, 10 were chosen from a jury. Everybody has 10 minutes to perform with an extraordinary Band: Emil Spany on piano, Jean-Pierre Schaller on bass and Cyril Regemay on drums. The judges will meet after these 9 performances to choose the three participants for the FINAL tomorrow. This competition offers three very attractive prices and a public price … so surely everybody wants to make it into the Final.

Head of the Jury is Sweet Georgia Brown – she performed yesterday night at the Montreux Jazzclub. What a band, Sweet Georgia surely has the Rhyhm in her body … that was a hot thing yesterday!!! All infos about the jury and Biographies of the Singers you find here, also what you can win:

So you young and promicing musicians: HAVE FUN and ENJOY THE MUSIC!!!!

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