Finals 16th July: Pétit Theatre, SHURE Montreux Jazz Voice Competitions 2013!!

The four finalists rehearsed 40 min each with the band this morning and they already prepared to give us a sensational concert!

The Jury just took its place. The lights turned down….

The comentator is introducing the 4 participants (usually 3):

Paula Grande (Spain)

Wojciech Myrczek (Poland)

Anastasiya Volokitina (Russia)

Kenny Wesley (USA)

This year, the jury will be presided by Youn Sun Nah.

The other Jury members are: (in alphabetical order)

Yilian Cañizares (Musician)

Wendy Oxenhorn (Executive Director Jazz Foundation of America, Musician)

Mr. Jean-Claude Reber (Director of the Conservatoire Montreux- Vevey-Riviera)

Solam (Musician)

It starts at 16h! Live – streaming here:


16:05 Paula Grande (Spain)

“If yesterday I was happy to be here, I cannot explain how I feel today”

“I´m starting something bluesy, I´m going to sing Just squeeze me by Duke Ellington…”

She is dressed in a sexy black dress and so is her singing in this great blues by Ellington…very emotional performance…she improvises with the lyrics in a bluesy way.

“To continue this bluesy performance I would like to sing with this beautiful band a song which is from… and is called “Stormy weather”…

It starts just piano and voice…traditional performance. She believes every word that she is singing, and bringing it to us.

She scats in an old fashion way…ohhh yeahh…back to the lyrics again. Her eyes also tell us the story.

She ends with a soft high note…

“Before I finish I would like to thank you all for being there, the jury, the band, the organization. Let´s finish with a wonderful song by Duke Ellington,  “Don´t get around much anymore.”

She starts clapping, then the drums, afro Rhythm…then the swing arrives…it walks. Piano Solo, then she sings the lyircs again, and song is already up! And the end is sweet! #16:19

Good luck Paula!
16:19 Wojciech Myrczek (Poland)
He said something in Polish that I couldn´t get…let me introduce you the 3 songs that I´m going to sing.

Softly as in a morning sunrise.

The band starts swinging fast…he sings the theme with his great voice. Break where he sings the bass line…break. ..and PAM! The swing continues! And he starts to improvise! Gooood scat!! And now piano solo! Some fours between Wojciech, piano, drums,

The theme again, at the end he sings the

He begins the 2nd song, singing a cappella: “My one and only love” written by Guy Wood and Robert Mellin…
His voice reminds me the old jazz singers, sometimes Nat King Cole.  This wonderful ballad is perfect for him. He just made a great version of it.

He starts the last song doing vocal percussion! Then the band begins to play with afro Rhythm! It is “A child is Born” Thad Jones and Alec Wilder.

Then there is a piano solo. Now he is scatting with a wide range of registers, colours and techniques…wait a moment! He is singing with the public! He sings a motive and the public is repeating it! He continues with a bebop scat

Good luck Wojcieck!

16:37 Nastja Volokitina

She arrives with 2 sticks(escobillas) and a bottle of water and says: “Hello, bonjour”

The first song that I´m going to sing is “You´re everything” by Chick Corea.

Intro with the band. And then she sings this great but difficult song! Now she is scatting!! She smiles, she is having fun, she is personal!

“The next song that I will sing is a traditional folk Ucranian song, very tragic, very beautiful melody! It is called “Zozulenka” (it is a kind of bird).

She sits down; she has a darbuka in her hands! And begins to improvise a cappella! Eastern-europe influence! It sounds beautiful and true! Then she sings the lyrics. Afterwards the band plays with her (she is playing also the Darbuka now). Then piano solo. Now more vocal improvisation, her timing is great! She uses some trumpet effect also!

She introduces the second song, and it is called “Galadan-Galao”, traditional song also.

The pianist leaves the stage and she takes his place, and she starts singing and playing, then the band plays with her. Great arrangement! She is a great artist! The Rhythm is something like 7/8 (123-12-12). After singing the theme she starts making percussion with the piano, and with the sticks. Then more improvisation with the voice and the piano! The bass and the drums are enjoying playing with her this great and difficult arrangement!

16:56 Kenny Wesley (USA)

He introduces his first song: “Fascinating Rhythm” by George  Gershwin.

He starts with vocal percussion, with a lot of different great effects. Then the drums  and the bass begin to play with him. Piano is not there.

He sings it in a very personal way, very soft, and high (falsetto) register. He scats and improvises with the lyrics.

Beautiful version of this great song!

Then he introduces the second song, and it is his own composition for his next album: “I won´t let it go”

Soft,  sweet, pop/soul wonderful ballad! I must ask him about the lyrics, but what I heard is good! Some scat at the end, and his personal high notes.

The third song is Autumn Leaves!

Sooooul/funk yeah!!

He is singing it in English and French I think…his performance is very personal, it sounds like Kenny Wesley, and that´s great!

Some scat and then theme again…at the end he sings a cappella, and then the band plays again with him slower and he improvises in an incredible way! I think I told you yesterday but he has a great technique!

He leaves the stage at 17:16, and the commentator presents the band.

The jury leaves, and we wait for the results!

hile the Jury deliberates I will perform 2 songs!

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