Semifinals 15th July, Pétit Theatre, SHURE Montreux Jazz Voice Competitions 2013!!

Everything is prepared, lights on, the Jury on its chairs!! Our Live-streaming ready!!!

This year there were 101 entries from 34 different countries, and only 9 are selected.

The president of the Jury will be Mrs Youn Sun Nah.

The commentator presented this new edition and presented also the first participant….

16:11 Franziska Bruecker (Switzerland)

She thanks to be here and tells that she hope that the public will enjoy.

She starts singing the theme of Four (Miles Davis) alone, scatting, then comes the band and the second time she sings it with lyrics.

Now she scats! Beautiful clean voice. Some rhythmical games with the band! The theme again after applause from the public.

She ends up with a smile.

The next song she is singing is her own arrangement of Butterfly by Herbie Hancock.
She starts recording percussion effects with the voice on a loop with a Stompbox. Then she sings different lines and creates beautiful harmonies! Then she sings the melody with the lyrics!

She prepared it really well! It works a lot! She receives a big applause and leaves the stage. (16:19)

16:20 Rugile Daujotaite (Lithuania)

Rugile arrives and say hello people, she is happy to stay here.

She is going to playing Nica´s Dream, she says that she wrote her own lyrics, about respect and understanding between people and nature.

She picks up the flute and starts the intro playing it, then she sings her lyrics. The arrangement is bossa-style. She sings the song and then she improvises. She is a good performer, she is happy at the stage, dancing all the time. Piano solo. She improvises scatting, then she sings the theme again.

At the CODA she plays with the pianist and the drummer taking the song high.

“The second song is one of the most beautiful ballads in jazz history, it is Round Midnight by Thelonious Monk”

Free intro with piano and voice. She creates a beautiful smooth atmosphere…then she sings the theme in the same mood.

Her range is big and she knows it, she plays with it.

Then the swing comes and she has a good timing! After she sang the theme, something happened because the pianist didn´t start directly with the solo…yes he does it now.  Then she sings with more energy…and at the end the rhythm changes to something like cha-cha-cha and ends the theme with a quotation of Miles Davis.

Applause and she leaves…16:36.

16:39 Paula Grande (Spain)

She says: “Je ne sais pas si je dois dire bonjour ou bonsoir…donc, je vais dire les deux: Bonjour et Bonsoir”.

“I’m happy to be here, it is an honor for me. First of all Im gonna sing Nica´s Dream”

The song starts with an intro of Piano and voice, and she sings really true!

She starts vocalizing (That’s why we are here, ecasue we love jazz,and Im happy to be here), then she continues with the lyrics.

Scat, vocalize, some soul licks, she really feel the lyrics.

The band is comfortable.

The second song is “In a sentimental mood” by Duke Ellington .I want to dedicate it to the people that are with me but are not here, one is.The song starts with an intro by the piano, bass and voice.
She sings the lyrics from the heart. Beautiful voice.

She scats with good timing…she sings the theme again and and then she vocalize again thanking for being there…taking the song “higher, higher, higher” and then coming back to the atmosphere of the intro.16:50

16:51 Eszter Munkácsy (Hungary)

She comes on the stage, picks up the microphone and begins to sing the theme with lyrics with the drummer. When the solo comes the bass begins to play and later the piano.

She scats! Then some “fours” with the band, the theme again and end.

After Four, she says that she will do “My favorite things” arranged by her.

Rhythmical intro, with a great funk/soul bass line, unison with piano. Then she sings it in a very Soul way! Piano solo! Theme again! And then the intro, with some scat and percussion improvisation! Then drums solo over the intro and end! (17:00)

17:02 Wojciech Myrczek (Poland)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, I´m happy to be here and I´m going to sing Lush Life.

He starts with a beautiful deep baritone voice…he is making a good performance of this difficult song! His scatting is good!! Big Range,

For the next song, the bass player leaves the stage and he starts singing the theme of “So What” (Miles Davis), replacing the bass. After the theme he does the walking bass comping the piano player and the drums. Now he is scatting imitating a double-bass! And he is able to do it very well!! Wow!
Then he sings the theme again!

We will have 20-30 min pause and we will continue with the last 4 participants!!

The second half starts!!!

17:34 Walter Ricci (Italy)

The first song will be Fascinating rhythm by George and Ira Gershwing! He told me that he changed his second song and it is going to be Body and Soul!

It is a Cha cha cha arrangement, he feels good on the stage. There´s piano solo and then theme again.

He has a good tenor/crooner/Napolitan voice! He has a good presence

He begins Body and soul singing a cappella, ballad tempo, then with the band.  (17:42)

17:43 Emma Smith (UK)

She picks up the mic and she speaks to the public She says that she is going to sing a traditional old English folk song, “She is like the swallow”.

She feels very confident. The song starts with an ostinato with she singing above in a folky way.

Then she sings the melody.Her voice is wide. Her scatting is really accurate.

She introduces her own arrangement of Boplicity!

It is a very energetic version! Full power! She sings the theme with and without the band,  big breaks, good!!

Her scatting is reaaally good, good timing! Now a good piano solo!

Break! And she sings the first part of the song again a cappella…then the band again and at the end more scatting! Taking the song up!

17:56 Anastasiya Volokitina (Russia)

She says “hi”.

She starts with claps and vocal percussion with the drums and then she begins to sing Fascinating Rhythm. She improvises scatting, with interesting lines! Then the theme again and it changes to fast latin rhythm.

Now she introduces her own song, “Kochki”, that she composed when she was in the region of Antai in Russia.

It starts with a very complicated and interesting rhythm and beautiful harmony. The melody is great!

She uses a Jew´s Harp!! Her scatting is full of influences of the folk music of the Balkans and Russia. Her composition is amazing! She is very expressive! It ends up with piano and voice. Beautiful!

18:08 Kenny Wesley

“It is a dream to be here”…He speaks in french also.

He introduces Nica´s Dream by Horace Silver.

He sings it with a falsetto voice almost al the time. Sensual approach to the tune. When the pianist makes his solo, he makes “musical commentaries”.
He sings the theme again and at the end he finishes with a very high note!

He introduces “My favorite things”, he sings it, like the song before, very smoth! He uses more his natural voice in this one. The solo is interesting; he has a very good technique! Long high note again really in tune!

He can play with the band during the solo! Then he sings some lyrics! More improvising with lyrics, and the song goes up and up! And then down, down. He is a good performer!

The last singer finished, and the Jury left to deliberate!
We will tell you soon what happens!

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