Welcome to the SHURE Montreux Jazz Voice Competition 2013! Rehearsals: July 14th at Montreux Petit Theatre 10am

Welcome to the SHURE Montreux Jazz Voice Competition 2013!

I’m Luis Regidor Paín and I’ll be right at the Petite Theatre to tell you everyting about the participants, the band and what’s happening there!

We arrived at 9am and the sound engineers where already working. The band rehearsed a little bit (they have to play 2 songs from each of the 9 participants and rehearse 30 min with each and everyone of them, it was a really hard day for them).

The participants rehearsed from 10am till 4pm, with a small break.

I was there, with all the SHURE team, and the Montreux Foundation 2 team, taking note of what happened at the rehearsals and making interviews to all participants.


10:00 am Franziska Brücker (Switzerland) (1989)

The first song that she is going to rehearse with the band is “FOUR” (Miles Davis). She has a really sweet and clean voice. She enjoys scatting!

After singing it, she calls the sound engineers to help her with “something”…she has a Stompbox!

She starts the song “Butterfly” with a loop made by vocal percussion. She picks up a tuning fork and uses it to find the first note that she will sing, and begins to create interesting harmonies recording one voice over another…she adds some “ahhh ehhh ahhh” and some “bebebe”…and starts singing with a beautiful voice…she checks and plays with the loops,

She asks for more reverb.

She is asking if she can repeat it and the organization tells her that she has 10 more min. This second time seems to me much more confidence. It flows. She smiles

It is a big challenge what she’s doing !!!

Good luck Franziska!!


10:30am Rugile Daujotiate (Lithuania) (1988)

She arrives almost running directly to the stage.

She gives the scores to the band. The first song is “Round Midnight” (Thelonious Monk). She starts quoting the intro of Miles Davis. She’s working with the band, repeating parts. She looks to the public. It sounds good! I should say that her voice sounds “old”.

She sings an intro with lyrics, open chords, she asks for more rubato to the pianist…her scat is really accurate, very much in tune, big range.

She feels comfortable, she even dances while the pianist is doing a solo.

At the end she quotes again Miles.

The second song is Nica’s Dream (Horace Silver). She talks with the band, takes a flute, tries the microphone…then she tells the pianist how the rhythm is.

She says: “For the intro I need the reverb for make it really mysterious”.

Intro: She is playing the flute and singing at the same time (like Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull)…she told me that she wrote her own lyrics! Well done! Some Bossa, afro samba….she dances, she can good acting..good timing and virtuous scatting…piano solo…it ends up with scatting again.

Good idea using the flute!

Good luck Rugile!


11:00am Paula Grande (Spain) 1986

Paula was selected last year also but couldn’t come because of medical problems, I’m happy the she was selected again.

She speaks with the band…she is singing Nica’s Dream…intro with some Soul licks…she says: “I want it not dramatic but serious”

The second song is “In a sentimental mood” (Duke Ellington)…balad!! Oh yeah!!

Good communication with the band! She has a beautiful voice…the soul is always in her expression.

She is very gentle and friendly with the band.

Good luck Paula!


11:30am Eszter Munkácsy (Hungary) (1991)

The first song is “My favorite things” (Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II). She is starts with a very rhythmical intro, offbeats, a little bit of soul7funk. The bass is showing us the way! She sings really in tune.

The second song is “Four” (Miles Davis).  Soul voice.

As a good Hungarian, she is very rhythmic.

Good luck Eszter!!

12:00am Wojciech Myrczek (Poland (1987)

He talks to the pianist. Smiles and looks at his watch. He checks the microphone. He seems to control the situation. The pianist tries the chords. He starts singing with a loud, deep and beautiful baritone voice, crooner style.

Wow he starts with Lush Life (Strayhorn), really difficult one!

He seems to be relaxed. He sings in tune, plays with the rhythm.

Super scat! Bebop licks, playing with motives, like a sax.

Be careful with the last scale…the pianist must wait for him. He says: “thank you very much, guys”

The second song will be “So what” (Miles Davis). He sings the bass line with the drums.

He asks the public what they prefer: with or without drums at the beginning. Rugile says: “try without”. He tries again, without and with, and asks again. Rugile and Paula who are here say better with! (there is a good feeling between the participants!)

He is singing the walking bass, he will sing the bass in this song actually!

He asks again: “Does it sound good?” ………..”Yes”, we answer.

He tries again. Then Lush life intro again.

Then we had a pause till 2:00pm. I was doing interviews to the participants that already rehearsed. They told me really interesting things!

2:00pm Walter Ricci (Italy) (1989)

 The first song is “This could be the start of something” (Steve Allen). Crooner style, Old Italian (napolitan) singer.

He seems very confident! He does some bebop scats. Nice tenor voice.
He wants to modulate at the end half tone higher.

The arrangement  sounds like a big band.

The second song is Fascinating Rhythm. Some old crooner movements (Sinatrian movements J ). Good timing, good entertainer.

He asks for more sound at the end! He rehearses again the first song and it sounds much better.

 Good luck Walter!

2:30pm Emma Smith (UK) (1990)

She will start with Boplicity, difficult choice!

Emma starts solo with piano, the scores in her hand, explains to the pianist to continue with a motive (ostinato). Nice voice, a little bit pop, she explains everything really clear in every moment, she knows what she is doing.

She has a very melodic scat.

The second song is a traditional English folk song: “She likes the swallow”.

She has a good timing, very accurate with the lyrics. The more she rehearses the better it sounds. She feels and transmits what she feels.

 Good luck Emma!


3:00pm Anastasiya Volokitina (Russia) (1989)

She starts with her own composition: “Kochki”, written with Russian lyrics. It sounds a little bit like Russian folk music, with interesting and complicated rhythm. She explains the rhythm to the drummer and the bass. She says that she will show always when the theme starts.She is going to one musician to another almost jumping because of the hurry of time, trying to organize it, but it seems to be very beautiful music.

Yes it sounds better!

Beautiful voice, original, good intonation. At the end piano and voice. Lyrics with trompet effect.

The second song that she rehearses is Fascinating Rhythm. The drummer asks something. She answers: “do what you want, you are free, me too”.

She starts claping, then drums, she smiles, dances
scat…Good pronunciation!  She feels it!

She is a good performer.

At the end: Fast latin rhythm,
scat like a trumpet, trombone…

She is FUNNY!!!

Now she is using a Jew’s Harp!

She rehearses again the Russian song, it sounds great.

And she rehearses again fascinating rhythm

 Good Luck Anastasiya!

3:30pm Kenny Wesley (USA) (1982)

He starts with Nica’s Dream (Horace Silver). He uses an Ipod to read the lyrics.

He uses falsetto almost the whole time the time. Some Pop/soul influences. He has a really good technique, and sings really in tune. Some latin rhythms. He ends up with an ascending arpeggio in falsetto till a very high note! Maybe G#…I will ask him!

The second song is “My favorite things”!

He seems to be very intelligent, he doesn’t force his too much, saving energy for the semifinal,

his improvisations are soul style, but really groovy, also some countertenor licks, really high notes.

He is a great performer. He shows a little bit that he can dance…

He repeats the song. He enjoys and the band also enjoys

He thanks the band; they seem happy and relaxed with him.

Good luck Kenny!!

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