Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 Diary

Unbelievable, but the first festival week already draws to a close. Well, what happened this week?

IEM cable chaos after Woodkid

IEM cable chaos after Woodkid

One of my personal highlights was Woodkid performing together with the Symphony Orchestra of Lausanne on Tuesday. We equipped the entire orchestra with a total of 25 PSM 900 IEM receivers plus SE315 earphones. All to be provided with the same audio signal from the transmitter. A very complex production and an awesome concert. Great atmosphere, high-class sound with a perfectly arranged light show. The other side of the coin: We had to disentangle all In Ears and lots of other accessories afterwards.

On Wednesday we had ZZ Top and George Thorogood & The Destroyers on stage. I saw ZZ Top several times before but I have to say that I won’t say that they are a great live band (sorry, my personal opinion). I think they made some really amazing albums but live…? At least the setup was very relaxed since it’s only three guys. But, as already anticipated beforehand, the performance was so-so. They played some cool songs but the sound and the show were mean. E. g. a huge drumkit and a lethargic drummer behind it.

ZZ Top concert

ZZ Top concert

Thursday was full of Blues. Bonnie Raitt, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite. I saw some of the concerts with some of my colleagues from Shure Distribution Germany. A great one was James Morrison in the Jazz Lab. Wonderful voice and a very differentiated sound. I was really impressed.

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