Montreux Jazz Festival 2013 Diary

This year’s Montreux Jazz Festival started a few days ago. It’s held from July 4-21 this time and is two days/nights longer as in previous years due to the newly established opening/closing nights.

As in (I can’t remember how many) past years Shure is the Technical Partner of the festival and responsible for all microphones and wireless systems for the 16 stages and locations. And I shall be onsite again to ensure a smooth and seamless operation of all our equipment and (if I find the time) I’ll share some posts here with you.

A few numbers regarding our wireless gear for this year:

16 channels Axient Wireless Management Network (used for the main stage in the auditorium Stravinski)
50 channels UHF-R Wireless Systems
22 channels PSM 1000 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System (used for the three stages in Stravinski, Jazz Lab and Jazz Club)
Furthermore 4 channels PSM 900 IEM and 8 channels ULX-D Digital Wireless

All in all we’re talking about over 1.500 single articles (microphones, transmitter, receiver and accessories).

I’m quite happy this year since I’ve received a new room for my interim office – much bigger as in previous years and with enough room for all our gear. Like it! Next to us are the offices of the other Technical Partners and Sound Providers, PA Rentals as well as the backlline (DiGiCo, Meyer Sound, Skynight, BBS).

The Montreux Jaz

z TV and Montreux Jazz Chronicle do also have their offices next to ours. Of course they all use our mics and wireless systems for their coverage; for remixing and editing purposes they use our SRH840 headphones.

You can also find some interesting news on the festival on facebook and youtube:!/montreuxjazzfestival?hc_location=stream

The first evenings at Stravinski were more, let’s say moderate, starting with Leonhard Cohen doing two completely sold concerts.

Wyclef Jean from Monitor area

Wyclef Jean from monitor area

Next in line were Wyclef Jean & Refugee camp supported by Bobby Womack. Wyclef did one of the longest and craziest concerts in the history of the festival a few years ago which I remember very well. The show lasted around 6 hours (!) and ended at 4 am with Wyclef having Claude Nobs on his shoulders. The 2013 show didn’t last that long, only three hours.

Amazing atmosphere with conga line through the auditorium. This evening all of our 16 Axient channels were in use and Wyclef’s AXT200/KSM9 handhelds had to stand some exposures. E.g. it got exposed to water as Wyclef constantly poured water bottles over his head. No probs – the withstood everything.

Then we had Green Day in Stravinski. An own production with lots of Shure wireless stuff. The band arrived with: 14 PSM 1000 IEM, 26 UHF-R for vocals, guitar, bass, sax and accordion. Nice guys, relaxed soundcheck, amazing powerful show. What more would you want?

Green Day from FOH

Green Day from FOH

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