Semi Finals 2nd day: July 3rd Montreux Petit Theatre 5pm: Welcome to the Shure Montreux Jazz Voice Competition!

5:13 Marie Martin sings “NICA’S DREAM”, does her second chorus scat-singing, after a piano-Solo an interactive Solo with the drummer features her percussive sounds, she ends the song with “special” – comped by the Band. MOODY’S MOOD FOR LOVE is her second song. James Moody played the song “In the mood for Love” and his solo became a vocalese with lyrics by Singer Eddy Jefferson. A lot of sophisitcated singers recorded the song – James Moody did a version too – check this out: Yes Marie – this was Jazz-history and you brought it to us, very sophisticated and in your own style…

5:25 Elena Mindru is on stage and the bass just give us the constant sounds of a heart beating. Elena starts singing: MY FUNNY VALENTINE and it’s real. “FASCINATING RHYTHM” a very good arrangement, and the band is happening too, switching rhythms, intensity, groove, playing the song in a way I never heard it. Tricky, intelligent, grooving, Elena is an appearance on stage, it looks like the is totally comfortable up there, interacting with the musicians. She guides the band back to a sweet start of rhythmical talk. Very original!


5:41 Viktorija Pilatovic opens with an energetic arrangement of the song “MIDNIGHT SUN”. And she likes to play with the music: “I GET A KICK OUT OF YOU” sung in a kicking way. She really has a jazz-voice nad appears very natural on stage – congratulations, Victorija!

5:52 Luis Regidor just says: “For Miles Davis” and starts a vocalese version of FOUR … very energetic, quick, tight, very good phrasing – yes he really lives all the rhythmical kicks of the band. And: he is a god performer. “The next song I want to dedicate to all the people I love – they are currently watching the live-stream: SEPTEMBER SONG.” He starts singing and he is all music and it’s all true. Tears come into my eyes – he caught me, I believe him. Yep – some “tenor-vibrato”, some Elvis-Mic-Mooves and I am back in the reality. Luis – you are a great talent! Last year second price … this year??? We’ll see…

6:01 Jenna Scandalios sings SOFTLY AS IN A MORNING SUNRISE, just the theme, piano solo, theme. LULLABYE OF BIRDLAND – after singing the song she opens with a famous citation taken from Ella Fitzgeraald – thats a good start. Sarah Vaughan sang a fantastic scat-solo too – hey Jenna – take adventage of this and sing that too! No, she didn’t. Jenna – good start in Jazz, go on developing your talent! 🙂

In around 20min the jury will anounce the three finalists – stay with the live-stream – we will be back!

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