Rehearsals 2nd day: July 3rd Montreux Petit Theatre 10 o’clock

The first day was already strong. Now we are excited about what’s here to come… Big compliments to this fantastic Band – here the names of the musicians: Drums: Cyrill Regamey, Piano: Emil Spanyi, Bass: Sebastian Pittet. They work hard and long, but are so supportive and friendly. You wanna hear what they think? I’ll do an interview with them in the afternoon.

Marie stands close to the band – facing the musicians. Well – it’s not like Miles Davis while doing a concert – it’s just a rehearsal. She likes intense working with the band – wonderful! Good luck, Marie!

Elena: “I just rehearsed one song intensively, we took it slow, then fast – it went really well. The other song – the ballad – we will just play at the semifinals for the first time and develop the music while it’s happening.” Yes, all the participants have to deal with the 20min-rehearsal time and take decisions like this. Go for it, Elena!


Victorija rehearsed a tricky arrangement with change of tempos, kicks and lines in unison. “I hope that works out tonight, but to be honest – this is the third band I rehearsed it with and it’s by far THE BEST BAND!”So have fun tonight and let the music happening Victorija!


Luis entered with a voice of impressive volume. “I don’t listen to the others, that doesn’t help me I find.” Last year you became second… “yes, it is not about winning, for me it’s just incredible to be here.” Luis studies classical guitar, sang in choirs and loves the direct approach towards music. I would say: “Rock the stage, Luis!”  

Jenna had beautiful tunes, a beautiful voice – she is also a very young participant of the competition. I asked her: “Does it influence you to watch the other singers rehearse?” “It’s fun to see other people perform. It makes me nervous – but also gives ideas, yesterday the semifinals – that was very interesting.” The generel vibe here is very friendly – it’s all about music, not about winning. So: let us dive into it, Jenna!

Sound-Engineer: Alex Bolle

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