Rehearsals 1st day: July 2nd Montreux Petit Theatre 11 o’clock

Now just the first rehearsal started, it’s 11 o’clock.

Natalia Akatieva – a nice decent 12 year old girl with a great voice entered the stage. She has already spent some days in Montreux with her mother – coming the long way from Russia. You sound great, definitly not like 12 years old… young gifted talent – I wish you good luck, Natalia!

Talk after the first rehearsal: Natalia

Boblarka Babiczki – a woman from Hungary, living in Vienna, rehearsed a difficult tune, the band is great – she was even scat-singing – I LIKE IT! You sound great – how did it feel to be on stage rehearsing? „The pianist is Hungaran, that’s already a good start… I think: sometimes: less is more. And: a rest is music too.“ So: have fun and enjoy making music, Boblarka!

Paula Grande unfortunatly had to cancel the participation at the competition. She had to be operated urgendtly but is okay now. So Paula – take the next chance next year! Get better soon!

Sarah Lancman is the next singer. I hear a very flexible voice, high and low, nice timing, relaxed and warm – wow! Yes you can hear that Sarah loves Jazz. „What’s your approach in Jazz-Music?“ „When I like a song, I listen to it a lot, to a lot of different versions – not just singers. While singing and scat-singing, I try to think in melodies.“ Wish you good luck, inspiration and fun, Sarah!

Charlotte Looker from Australia enters the stage, she has a very expressive voice with a lot of different sounds. Playful and convincing she dives into the second song. I talk to her after the reharsal: “Well, I traveled the last 5 days, that was a long trip… It feels different to play with these guys – my band plays everything by ear, we know each other so well. The band here is great here too, that’s a challenge – I just need to relaxe.” So dive into the music and enjoy it, Charlotte!

After all rehearsals: Charlotte relaxes...                                   Charlotte and Sabine: let's have a talk!

Aysel Mammadova brings in the colors of her country, playing also the piano herself. In the second tune she switches to a jazz-approach with scat-singing and the art of variations in the melody. She rehearses in detail, is very much into the music and sophisticated about the content. Wonderful!

So girls: good luck tonight, sing these wonderful songs for us, forget about being judged… be yourself and have fun!

petit theatre - shure voice competition

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