Montreux Jazz Festival 2012 – Diary (Part I)

Hello everyone,

The Montreux Jazz Festival 2012 is about to start in a few days. This year it’s taking place from June 29 – July 14, and as in the past years, Shure will again be present as Technical Supplier providing microphones and wireless systems for a total of 15 stages and locations.

As usual I will be on-site during the entire festival to guarantee perfect performances from our products! This is already the third year that I’ll be writing my “festival diary” and shall also be posting from time to time to share some festival experiences with you.

The first preparations regarding the technical stuff usually start 2-3 months prior to the festival  – creating the product list in accordance with the production company. Our goal (as Shure) is, to include as many new products as possible, of course. One week before the festival starts, it always gets a little bit hectic. Microphones need to be planned for the diverse locations and packed in cases, wireless systems need to be built in racks, connected and programmed etc. Not to forget the documents for the customs. Etc., etc.

Just a few numbers in terms of wireless for this year:

All in all we have over 1400 single products (microphones, transmitter, receiver, accessories) which need to be disposed. Quite a few!

I’ve coordinated the frequencies beforehand in the Wireless Workbench Software to ensure all receivers and transmitters are programmed and able to “plug and play”. So, we’re ready to go!

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